About the Artist

As soon as I could hold a pencil I started drawing. I enjoy exploring with oil paint, pastels, ink, mixed media, ceramics and photography.  I love taking something that has no value, like a piece of cardboard or a the page out of a newspaper, and turning it into art.

 People often ask what inspires my work. If you could see inside my head I imagine it would be a mass of images strung together by experiences. I love crows and ravens because they represent the power of magic and messages from the void.In this time of drought I dream about clouds. The cocoons are about the things we hang onto and the way we are addicted to security. When I work in my studio I just allow things to arise. I try to enjoy the process without fixating on the outcome.

I spent over twenty years working in corporate America. I, like many of my colleagues, felt like my creativity and my authenticity was being slowly drained from me one teaspoon at a time. Finally, I’ve been able to transition into spending most of my time drawing, painting, writing and shooting photos. What I’ve learned is the importance of committing to my right brain. It is essential to our well-being and our humanity to allow ourselves to do something that isn’t just earning and above all to play.  

I am the author of a poetry collection Derby Poems, The Fabled Land 36 Hand-Drawn Coloring Pages, Florabundant 25 Hand-Drawn Coloring Pages, Bugapalooza, 24-HandDrawn Coloring Pages, Deserterra 25 Hand-Drawn Coloring Pages and the non-fiction work Confessions of a Failed Perfectionist: How to Get Over Self-Hate, Self-Sabotage and Feeling Like a Failure.  (All are available on Amazon)

Thank you for visiting my website. If you have seen a piece of work you are interested in buying (that isn't in the on the SHOP page) please contact me at my email StephanieMillerArtist@gmail.com or on the CONTACT page for this website.